TCR Warehouse Automotive Parts Distributor
TCR Warehouse Automotive Parts Distributor
TCR Warehouse Automotive Parts Distributor - COVID-19 UPDATE
TCR Warehouse AutomotiveParts Distributor - COVID-19 UPDATE

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Automotive Parts Sales & Installation

TCR Warehouse Automotive Parts Distributor is a division of Tom Craig’s and we have been in business for almost 60 years. We have built solid relations with all of the major auto part manufactures and our reputation in the area is nothing but positive. We want to retain our status as the largest auto parts warehouse in the Palmyra New Jersey area so we are looking to expand our footprint. We care about your safety on the road so we only stock items that we feel meet our standards as well as meet the required industry guidelines. We will never stock parts that are deemed unsafe.


In order to maintain the safety of our clients we also provide an installation and repair service center within our warehouse. If you have an older model vehicle that is in need of repair bring it into our technicians. We have a group of mechanics that are trained to repair parts within that are already part of your vehicle. This can save you time and money if the issue can be solved with a repair rather than a replacement. If a replacement is needed you can get it directly from our warehouse and we can install it for you on the spot!


As an added bonus we have 15 experienced drivers waiting to deliver your parts to you directly! We provide UPS or Fed Ex shipping Nationwide and within the Tri-state area including Pennsylvania, North and South Jersey, and Delaware. Please allow up to one day for delivery outside of our driver's normal range of delivery (around 15 miles from Palmyra in South Jersey). Please get in contact with us if you need more information regarding our parts or service.

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